I’m looking for people with temper issues. I want you to invest two hours of your time to listen to an hour of tuning fork playing (The recording for the Left side of the Heart in the following playlist). Then take a bath in epsom salt to draw out the toxins that are loosened from the tuning fork work.

The basic premise of this is that some deep hurt in your life causes your temper to protect you from being hurt again.  One of the times you were hurt before has left a severe distortion in your biofield.  The memory is handled by the reactive mind.   You will find locations through the 72 inches of tuning fork work where you might feel buzzing in parts of your body.  replay that location in the video over and over until you no longer feel the buzzing.  This means that the reactive mind no longer controls your reaction to that memory.  In turn this will allow you to respond differently from this point forward.   There is so much to  this technology.  I encourage you to learn all you can about this technology.  The last two videos in  the playlist are by Eileen McKusick from BiofieldTuning.com .  She is great!  I’ve experienced wonderful things in my life since doing biofield tuning.


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