Prove Your Social Media Activity

I had an idea the other day to download a backup of my LinkedIN data. It includes conversations, posts I’ve made, contacts along with most of their email addresses.  Of course it contains lots of business development conversations where I spoke to people about the ideas I have for RemedyCoin.  Of course I want to be able to demonstrate that the ideas are mine and that I have been telling people about them.  What better way, than to register the whole zip file LinkedIn gave me on the blockchain with  So for about $5 usd worth of Bitcoin I was able to make this happen.  The BitcoinCash network also has this feature at for only about 60 cents.

What do you think?  What else can we do with Proof of Existence on a blockchain?  

Mailing Lists

I have started a mailing list for  My plans are to host it myself soon.  However I needed to get the functionality going first. seems like a nice offers open source program for managing email marketing campaigns.  

I initially tried using the integrated linux container  of PHPList but I couldn’t get it to work behind  HAProxy.

Why do I bother with these technical details when I have so much to do with Remedy Coin?   It is a way of life for me to use open source solutIions.  To go the path of using the tools that others are free to use and distribute.  

I hope you’ll sign up on the mailing list.  I’m working on many, many ideas that some will find very interesting: 

  • “How to deal with an Ebola Epidemic?” 
  • “ICO for the first RemedyCoin and many, many after that”
  • “ – Potentially a recreation destination to learn about ICOs”
  • ” Up to date announcements of counterpoint perspectives on the news by Joe Baker”

So I look forward to connecting with you all in a more direct way, the old fashioned way – email.