New Project RemedyCoin

I’m founding It’s a way to sell shares in damages you’ve suffered.

Sounds rather odd, doesn’t it?

Well consider that some philosophers suggest that each of us has infinite intrinsic worth. If that’s so then when we suffer damage to our lives, that aught to be worth something, right?

Take this a step further. Now many have learned that the money systems in play these days are mostly based upon debt. Except crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, Komodo, CloakCoin, etc… Dollars are based on debt usually. They are “promises to pay” that will likely never be paid.

OK, so we can have our damages appraised, we can put our value on it, write a series of letters to the one who damaged us to get agreement on the claim. Not that we are asking the other party to pay us, just to certify the debt so we can monetize it. We are going to issue a token sale of say one million tokens to represent shares of this debt. We’re issuing our own debt based money. Isn’t this fun?

So I’m working night and day, thinking things through, going to blockchain meetups. Reading books on entrepreneurship, formulating a business plan. I’m getting ready to do an ICO to raise money to build a business around helping others build these claims. Then finding out what hedge funds want out of these sort of investments.

Here’s a claim I will make for maybe $52 million USD – no need to read, it’s depressing.

Now for example back around 2009 I had an unfortunate incident with police in Bakersfield, California. Without any cause they pulled me over in the back alley behind an apartment building at 3 am in the morning. Without having done anything wrong, they started clubbing me 15 times and then I started to defend myself by knocking over one of the officers.  That officer after I followed the other’s instruction to lay on my belly with arms on my sides, came by and stomped on my head/neck with his boot three times with intent to kill me.  Richard Davis Jr. was the officer’s name.

So anyway, I’m convinced that people will find that these incidents are worthy of being certified, and becoming vessels of value.  What vessels of value does a bank use to hold money inside?

So I’m looking for investors, co-founders, people who will take on the responsibility of being witnesses of the correspondence – a key part to certifying agreement when a party ignores multiple attempts to address the matter through the mail.

So this is a new take on money as debt and it’s for the people’s benefit and for the benefit of investors who want options for diversification.

And added benefit of putting money into a vessel such as this is that it brings peace and remedy to otherwise seemingly impossible damages to recover from.

Wish me luck and do it often.  I have a long, long way to go on this project and I need people to cross my path and assist me.

Regards, and Peace Profound.

Joe Baker
Founder, (an NGO)


Tune Your Body Acustically

I’m looking for people with temper issues. I want you to invest two hours of your time to listen to an hour of tuning fork playing (The recording for the Left side of the Heart in the following playlist). Then take a bath in epsom salt to draw out the toxins that are loosened from the tuning fork work.

The basic premise of this is that some deep hurt in your life causes your temper to protect you from being hurt again.  One of the times you were hurt before has left a severe distortion in your biofield.  The memory is handled by the reactive mind.   You will find locations through the 72 inches of tuning fork work where you might feel buzzing in parts of your body.  replay that location in the video over and over until you no longer feel the buzzing.  This means that the reactive mind no longer controls your reaction to that memory.  In turn this will allow you to respond differently from this point forward.   There is so much to  this technology.  I encourage you to learn all you can about this technology.  The last two videos in  the playlist are by Eileen McKusick from .  She is great!  I’ve experienced wonderful things in my life since doing biofield tuning.


Protect your data – I can help.

Your data needs to be backed up.  The cyber war battle field is coming to your enterprise desktop.  Your IT personnel need to be able to demonstrate the ability to instantly restore historical versions of your files from 5, 10, 15 minutes ago as well as 5, 10  15 hours ago, as well as 3 weeks ago, or even one year ago.  Open Source Software allows this and more.  And you need a system that protects your data from bit-rot – routinely checking through the filesystem to ensure that your have redundant copies of exactly what was recorded.

Next you need a remote backup location where changes are saved for disaster recovery purposes.

Contact me today for an immediate consultation.

Joe Baker