April 6th, 2023 5pm Japan Time
Update: MTGox legal team completed identity verification and sent me the necessary Identification numbers. I was able to complete registration and select necessary custodian and banking information. However they do not allow one to simply provide a BTC and BCH address. – JWB

As I am almost in a panic at the thought of not getting BTC from MTGox.

I have difficulties with processing complex tasks and with staying focused on the task at hand. Also due to being attacked by police officers in the past for and because of death threats they made against me I have dutifully used a VPN to protect my whereabouts.

The Mount Gox’s legal firm working on behalf of those who have a stake in receiving deposits have been overly zealous by telling users who fail to log in “properly” that they only get one chance per day when logging in from a suspicious IP address like this. Because of head injuries sustained by police I have difficulties staying focused on tasks like this. Additionally my efforts to have MtGox use an email address that I actually monitor these days failed many months ago.

I somehow finally completed the KYC/AML requirements of uploading a picture of a current passport and a selfie photo about 5 hours ago. Yet now it is 5pm in Tokyo, Japan and I am in almost a panic waiting for a login code to be sent to me.

I have issued an email to support@mtgox.com with these concerns with the subject line “DEMAND FOR REMEDY”.

I understand they are very, very busy trying to serve my interests. But it is clear that they have unfairly treated VPN users. Furthermore it is unfair for them to require a selection of a CUSTODIAN to handle funds.

They are wanting to have relationships with companies such as BitGo, Binance and perhaps more choices. These companies offer a solution to organizations where multiple parties are involved with corporations where numerous keys are necessary to authorize a transaction. I’m just an individual for crying out loud! Just send it to my BTC address. Furthermore I need to explain that a custodian unless requested by a customer is a violation of the Bitcoin Ethic. I object to a company who is coerced by government to comply with whims of an elite group of rulemakers and enforcers to have control over my money. Particularly those who would report “taxable income” statements to certain government agencies.

Reciepients should have the ability to have their funds sent to mixer addresses for anonymity or select sWBTC (aka Secret Wrapped BTC via the https://Scrt.Network protocol) .

I honestly didn’t think there was much in my account at MtGox. But they sent me a summary of the balances and holly cow, what was considered bitcoin dust back then is a sizable amount for a guy living in nearly peonage conditions.

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