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Correlating Ownership of Bitcoin Addresses

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 broadcast.

Discussing an article on how correlations are being made by online purchases, network tracking and coodies to identify Bitcoin users even when mixing services such as coinjoin are used.  Suggests users use coins where security is built into the coin like Dash, zCash (and I add in CloakCoin).

I mention the shake-up in Bitcoin mining how the main line has reduced mining power considerably.


LAToken ICO Tomorrow – Issues with securitizing bank loans

I discuss some important issues to securitization of bank loans. Mostly in the US TILA Regulation Z allows a customer to nullify the loan by rescinding it within 3 years of issue.

Second, when one breaks up a loan into many pieces, in order to foreclose one must bring owners of all the pieces into the courtroom. Biforcation is the term. And a good laywer working for the borrower can get the case thrown out.

SSL Enabled Here!

This is a big technical development for me.  My web site you are reading this on is now using automated SSL certificates provided freely by    I’ve been aiming at integrating these services for a long time and it’s a dream come true for me.

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